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What batch size do you want to mix
What is the viscosity range or bulk density of your product during the mixing process?
What material of construction is preferred? For example: carbon steel, stainless steel type 304 or 316
Are any special coatings desired on wetted parts?For example: Teflon
Do you wish to have the interior wetted parts polished? If so, to what finish, For example: 80 grit, 120 grit, 140 grit, 180 grit, mirror finish.
What motor enclosure do you require? FFor example: explosion proof, tefc, open
Do you want to operate under vacuum or pressure? If yes, please advise vacuum/pressure ratings.
Do you want sight or charge ports in the hood? Please advise how many and the preferred size.
Do you want to include a jacket on the mix can for heating or cooling? If yes, please advise the jacket pressure and whether an ASME code stamp is required.
Do you want a discharge valve in the bottom of the mix can. If yes, please advise the preferred size.
Would you like us to supply a control panel with this mixer?
If yes, please describe your needs.
What are your operating input voltage requirements? ( Phase,Hertz,Voltage)?
Industry? For example, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, plastics.
Briefly describe your application.
Is this a new mixing requirement or are you up-dating an existing process? What type of mixer are you currently using?
When do you plan on purchasing or renting a mixer?
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