In Stock High Shear Mixers - Batch

In Stock High Shear Mixers

The Batch Model High Shear Rotor-Stator mixer design consists of a single stage rotor that turns at high speed within a stationary stator. As the rotating blades pass the stator, they mechanically shear the contents. This mixer can be either permanently mounted to a vessel or suspended over a vessel on a portable lift. The mobile configuration offers the flexibility to use a single mixer in multiple vessels. it also allows the user to vary the position of the stator to process a variety of materials.

The rotor-stator of the batch model is generally positioned 2 - 3 head diameters off the bottom of the vessel, and slightly off center. To ensure adequate suspension of heavier solids, the rotor-stator generator may be positioned in the center of the vessel. Interchangeable rotor-stator combinations provide unlimited flexibility to adopt to a variety of product formulations The batch models are supplied in many sizes and materials of construction from 1/2 through 100 horsepower.